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Oct 29 2011

We have to WORK???

But Ms. W., why do we have to do work? We never do work on…

the first day of school
the last day of school
any day after the MAP test, which occurs in April
days we have subs
when a teacher is absent
on days when there is a schedule change
on days when there is an assembly
on days when there is a fight
on days before or after a holiday
on days where it snowed and it “should have been a snow day”
on other low attendance days
on days that other school districts have off, like Columbus Day
pretty much the entire month of December
any day before labor day
any day after memorial day
on days where we had any kind of test that lasted any amount of time
if it’s too hot or too cold

Dear Students,

I have an idea. Let’s decide that on any day that we are actually┬áin school, we are going to work and learn. Seriously. And Dear Teachers…. can we please start expecting our students to learn every day??? Because they’re coming to me with 7 years of training to the contrary, 2+ years behind in reading, and me trying to convince them that hey, just because it’s Friday doesn’t mean we don’t do work is incredibly difficult, if not impossible.

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