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Mar 12 2012

10 (of the thousands of) Things I’ve Learned to Accept

1. No matter how hot I think an outfit looks on me, at least ONE kid will ask me if I’m pregnant.

2. No matter how infrequently I sit down, the principal or superintendent will walk into my room during the only two seconds I sit down all semester.

3.  No matter how awesome I am at my job, if I forget to take attendance it will make the secretary hate me, and that makes me suck at my job.

4. No matter how many fancy office supplies get donated to me, I never seem to have enough pencils, paper, notebooks, or access to photocopies.

5. No matter how great my relationships are with my students, they still think I hate them when they earn an “F” on their report card.

6. No matter how many hours I work, there’s another teacher working more hours.

7. No matter how long you’ve worked to build a relationship with a student, it can be shattered with a single decision- theirs or yours.

8. No matter how inappropriate, unprofessional, and totally unacceptable “joneing” on your students is, doing it at least once a year to a carefully selected student is just good common sense.

9. No matter how much you think it isn’t your fault, it will get blamed on you.

10. No matter how much you think it is your fault, people will make excuses for you.

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  1. #2, 4, and 10 = story of my life

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