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May 11 2012

A Charming Third Time

So let’s hope I’m better at teaching than I am at blogging about teaching.

There’s so much I wish I could have blogged about over the past few years, but I live in fear of saying the wrong thing, and it’s been better to just stay quiet than to risk the consequences of being honest. :)   Let’s just say, though, that if they made a reality show of my classroom, it would get more viewers than the current top 5 rated reality shows… combined.

This was a very rough year for me, but I made it. Well, in 8 more school days… I will have made it. And guess what? I’m staying a third year. Probably not at the same school, which means I will be at my third school in three years, but still… I’m still in the game. Just when they thought I was out… THEY PULL ME BACK IN!

More details to come, but just wanted to check in. Bittersweet ending to one of the roughest years of my life. I think I had the opposite corps experience than most people. I think most people struggle both years, but the second year is easier. My first year was bliss, and my second year was the opposite of bliss. It was quite unexpected to struggle so much in my second year, but I can promise you that I was a much better teacher this year, that I did make significant gains with my students (I should say–THEY made significant gains), and that I learned more in the hard year than in the “easy” year.

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