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As a record number of new corps members (actually, that’s a lie, I am far too exhausted to research if there are a record number of new corps members this year) are receiving the overwhelming and thrilling news that there is a spot for them in the 2011 corps, there is also probably a record level of panic regarding Teach For…

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Jul 23 2010

Officially a Teacher

On the day I made the commitment to apply for Teach For America, I decided I was officially (meant to be) a teacher. On the day I received word that Teach For America had placed me in St. Louis, I proudly announced on facebook that I was officially a teacher. On the first day of…

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Jul 18 2010

In Institute

I really want to blog about TFA Institute, but I can’t. Because I’m at TFA Institute. It’s not that I don’t have time. There is plenty of time for blogging at Institute. In fact, some corps members find themselves with so much free time that they are able to write a blog post, get an…

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Jul 10 2010

Ambassador of Quan

There’s a great scene in the film “Jerry Maguire” where Cuba Gooding Jr.’s character, a football player, explains to his agent, Tom Cruise’s character, what “quan” is. He tells him that quan is more than just “coin”. It’s about love and respect AND money. And he wants to make the quan. At the end of the…

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