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Oct 29 2011

The Show Goes On

Note: This was written on October 17, 2011. After a tumultuous first eight weeks at my new school (understatement), I decided I had to recommit to TFA, to my vision, to my school, and most of all to my students. I also realized that not only did my students need a fresh start, but so…

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Sep 21 2011

Thanks for the Advice

If one more person tells me that the solution to classroom management problems is to have my kids write a rap or let them analyze Tupac lyrics, I’m going to scream. If I had a dollar for every time a well-meaning friend told me that, I’d be a BILLIONAIRE. 1. I am a Teach For…

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Sep 16 2011

It’s Partly About the Benjamins

Being a teacher is expensive. You hear teachers whine about this all the time. I used to be like you. I would get so annoyed and just wish they would shut up. Now that I’m a teacher, I don’t really whine about it that much… Out loud, anyway. But the fact of the matter is,…

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Sep 12 2011

Year Two Blues

Everyone says things are better the second year. When things suck the first year, the pat response is, “It will get better. Year Two will be amazing.” But what if it’s not? What if Year Two makes Year One look like a vacation at Disney World? Anyone else out there experienced things getting WORSE instead…

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Sep 03 2011

The Reason

This is going to sound a lot like a cliche teacher story. If you saw him walking down the street, you would never guess he was 13. He looks more like 30, with more tattoos than Kat Von D. He’s got a mean look on his face, but smiles and laughs so frequently that you…

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Sep 01 2011


Year one was like the blink of an eye. Of course at the time it didn’t feel so fast, but looking back, where did it go? Such a whirlwind of constant change, constantly being asked to do more with less, and constant uncertainty. I was lucky. I was one of those Teach For America teachers…

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Sep 01 2011

Middle School Lunch

Note: A lot has changed since I last blogged. I find it difficult to blog here regularly, primarily because of privacy and confidentiality concerns. There is so much that we as teachers must be careful of, especially TFA teachers (who are so publicly representing one part of teaching) that sometimes it is just easier not…

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Mar 31 2011

Teacher GTL

Grade papers. Tracker update. Lesson plan. Fist pump.

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As a record number of new corps members (actually, that’s a lie, I am far too exhausted to research if there are a record number of new corps members this year) are receiving the overwhelming and thrilling news that there is a spot for them in the 2011 corps, there is also probably a record level of panic regarding Teach For…

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Nov 16 2010


Everything just keeps moving. I’m moving, too, but at a different speed than life these days. All I’ve wanted for about two months is to be caught up. That’s all. Just to be caught up. Not ahead. I’ve already realized that, as a teacher, I will never again in my life be ahead in anything.…

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