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Oct 16 2010

The Front Lines

Today was an incredibly intense and emotional day for me. My journey feels so much deeper now. The school district in which I teach held a town hall meeting to address the progress of the school district in regaining accredidation. Each school was asked to send 15 representatives minimally, including students. I announced early in the…

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Oct 10 2010

It Is but It Isn’t

We could talk for hours weeks months years about the economics of education. Sometimes I wonder, though, if our conversations were a little less about the money and a little bit more about what we are teaching, our kids would be better off. Growing up, I would always listen to my Republican father ramble on…

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The real reason I haven’t been blogging is not because I’ve been busy. Though I’ve been too tired for most things, that is not the reason I haven’t written. Lack of things to say is certainly not why I’ve been silent. To be honest, the true reason I haven’t been blogging is because I’m afraid…

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Sep 04 2010

You Look Tired

I sat slumped in a chair in the front office, clutching my bookbag. In a lot of ways, I probably looked like a student. I was, after all, wearing the school’s gorgeous red polo shirt with the obligatory khaki pants. On Fridays, staff wear the uniform, which happens to be identical to the uniform the…

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Aug 28 2010

Miss Diagnosis

The first two weeks felt like two years. There isn’t enough hair dye in the world to repair my new gray hair farm. I’ve never felt this discouraged, but I’ve also never been so inspired by my own discouragement. It is the strangest feeling. I think this must be what passion feels like. I think…

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On my second day of teaching, I left school, drove to a Jack in the Box drive-thru, ordered $12 worth of food, and ate it all. The inference you could make here is that my second day of teaching was a bad day.

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Aug 17 2010

They Looked So Brave

Of all the first days of school there are, the first day of 6th grade has got to be the scariest. I mean, seriously. Kindergarten? Pshhhhhhhh. High school? Whatever. College? A breeze. If you really think about it, going from elementary school to middle school has got to be the most terrifying of all educational…

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Aug 11 2010

Room 104

He opened the door to Room 104. I held my breath. I tried to ignore the cockroach scurrying out of the room and between my feet as the principal told me that I was hired and that this was my classroom. It’s been a whirlwind of a week. Training. Training. Meetings. And finally, today, classroom setup.…

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Jul 23 2010

Officially a Teacher

On the day I made the commitment to apply for Teach For America, I decided I was officially (meant to be) a teacher. On the day I received word that Teach For America had placed me in St. Louis, I proudly announced on facebook that I was officially a teacher. On the first day of…

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Jul 21 2010

Naked Teachers

The dress code for Teach For America’s Summer Institute: Naked. I mean this figuratively, of course. If I have learned anything this summer, it is to be bare. It is to shed my pre-conceived notions. It is to be open and vulernable. This really is an exposing process. The layers come down, day after day,…

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